What is the Hungarian Dream?

What kind of future do Hungarians dream of for themselves and for Hungary?

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“The Flexible Solidarity”

Policy Solutions - FEPS study on how progressive parties handled the migration crisis in central Europe

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The Policy Specialists, the Defenders of the Nation, and the Invisible Parliamentarians

Executive summary of the FES – Policy Solutions study on the activities of Hungarian MEPs since 2014

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Populism Report - April-June 2017

The State of Populism in Europe in Q2 2017

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Good Neighbourliness? The Visegrád Countries and Ukraine

In this book, the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) and Policy Solutions examine how the Visegrád countries reacted to the crisis in Ukraine.

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Populism Report - January-March 2017

The State of Populism in Europe in Q1 2017

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Regime change, democracy and Hungarian society

Policy Solutions’ study aims to present Hungarian public attitude concerning socioeconomic changes twenty-five years after the regime change.

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Tamas Boros: Options for the left in the time of populism

If there is a single political term which even those indifferent to public life have heard in the past year, it is populism. This paper analyses the possibilities of the European Left in the era of populism.

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Political Discrimination in Hungary

Case Studies from the Hungarian Justice System, Local Government, Media, Agriculture, Education and Civil Sector

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The State of Populism in Europe (2016)

The State of Populism in Europe (2016) book surveys the popularity and influence of all populist parties in the EU’s 28 Member States.

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The State of Social Democratic Parties in Central and Eastern Europe

The study presents the apparent similarities and differences in the region through case studies and a comparison of social democratic parties in seven Central and Eastern European countries.

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Hungarian Politics in 2016

Review and forecast of politics, economy and society in Hungary by Policy Solutions and FES

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Comparing the positions of the Hungarian Government and Hungarian parties in the EP on symbolic European issues

The objective of the analysis conducted by VoteWatch and Policy Solutions was to reveal whether Hungarian political parties have the same positions on key issues in both Brussels and Budapest.

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Populism Report: July-September 2016

During the customarily politically calm summer period – apart from a few striking exceptions – there has been no significant change in the support of populist parties across Europe. Thus, in the third quarter of 2016, the trend of previous periods has con

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András Bíró-Nagy: Central European MEPs as Agents of Two Principals. Party Cohesion in the European Parliament after Enlargement

This paper investigates the impact of Central European MEPs on party cohesion in the European Parliament.

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Populism Report: April-June 2016

The new analysis of Policy Solutions shows that in the second quarter of 2016 most of the populist parties in Europe still stand at the same level of support as in the previous quarter.

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In the Name of the People : The Performance of the Governing Populist Parties in Europe

Policy Solutions' analysis on the performance of the most popular populist parties in government

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Politics and Classes in Hungary

Photobook on Hungarian Voting Groups

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András Bíró-Nagy: Central European MEPs and Their Roles. Behavioral Strategies in the European Parliament

This article helps to better understand the role orientations of the Central European Members of the European Parliament, the factors that influence their strategies, and the relationship between their roles and activities.

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Populism Report: January–April 2016

Policy Solutions' quarterly report of the current state of populist parties in Europe

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