Political Analysis & Forecast

Business success and effective lobbying require a familiarity with the host country’s economic policies and legislative activity. Only those companies can overcome the challenges posed by the current economic climate and the ever-accelerating pace of Hungarian lawmaking, which are acquainted with the direction and potential effects of the significant political and economic developments.

To assist our customers in tackling this sometimes daunting task Policy Solutions produces monthly analyses and forecasts that summarize the major political and economic events and report on the sectorial news that pertain to the company’s industry. Our clients, who are mainly large corporations, have access to our analyses in both English and Hungarian. By equipping them with valuable information, our analyses allow our partners to prepare for forthcoming political and economic changes.

We also offer personal consultations as part of our service in order to ensure that our policy evaluations and forecasts are perfectly tailored for our customers’ needs.

About Us

Policy Solutions is a progressive political research institute based in Budapest. It was founded in 2008 and it is committed to the values of liberal democracy, solidarity, equal opportunity, sustainability and European integration. The focus of Policy Solutions’ work is on understanding political processes in Hungary and the European Union. Among the pre-eminent areas of our research are the investigation of how the quality of democracy evolves, the analysis of factors driving euroscepticism, populism and the far-right, and election research. 



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