Online Campaigns

During the course of the last few years, Internet has become one of the most important media in shaping popular discourse, which, among young people, has already overtaken both radio and printed media in its impact. Campaigns based on Web 2.0 communities represent a new generation of online campaigns, which offer cheaper and more target group-specific access than any other tool.

Policy Solutions, which is among the first organizations to carry out Web 2.0-based political campaigns in Hungary, undertakes their complete implementation as well as their planning. The aim of these campaigns is to live with the publicity possibilities of community portals, video-sharing applications, blogs, chat and forum services and online advertisement. Such campaigns are planned to reach target audiences and change their attitudes in a cost-efficient way.

About Us

Policy Solutions is a progressive political research institute based in Budapest. It was founded in 2008 and it is committed to the values of liberal democracy, solidarity, equal opportunity, sustainability and European integration. The focus of Policy Solutions’ work is on understanding political processes in Hungary and the European Union. Among the pre-eminent areas of our research are the investigation of how the quality of democracy evolves, the analysis of factors driving euroscepticism, populism and the far-right, and election research. 



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