On education, a disunited System of National Unity

With Fidesz’ former education minister Zoltán Pokorni launching a frontal assault on Christian Democratic education policy, the key question is whether Pokorni is just an old-timer with little to lose or whether he remains a well-connected figure whose pronouncements mark a warning to the KDNP’s ambitious education policy-maker Rózsa Hoffmann that...

Taking the fight for the Constitutional Court to the streets

The opposition can’t yet sway the masses, but Fidesz may gradually awaken the left-wing base from its deep slumber. Just in case, the left leaning parties and organisations are vying to offer them a wide and growing selection of leaders and organisations.

Constitutional Court under fire

In revolutionary Hungary, the guns are fortunately silent. If all goes to plan, the inconvenient Constitutional Court will be, too.

Rumours about the death of MSZP are greatly exaggerated

For the Socialists, there is a long tunnel ahead and it is far from clear whether the flickering lights in the distance herald redemption or just another station in the purgatory.

Robin Hood Smells Blood

As some discerning analysts predicted, the bank tax was not the end-point but the beginning of a process wherein the government turns to certain corporate sectors to cover the budgetary shortfalls. Critically as economists might see it, politically the solution seems astute in light of the real world constraints facing the government.

For now, red sludge proves politically uncontroversial

A first glimpse of the political dimensions of the red sludge disaster suggests that thus far little effort has been made to score political points off the crisis. But unfortunately the tragedy is far from over, and hence its potential political after-effects are also up for grabs…

Colour Us Orange

With the entire country solidly lined up in the Fidesz column, it’s time to lift the veil and reveal what the government will be up to.

LMP vs. traditional politics 1:1

After a spectacular start, LMP’s political overdrive comes to a screeching halt.

‘Celebrity Survivor’ Time for Remaining Socialist Mayors

Meet the most prominent MSZP candidates who may put small dents in Fidesz’ aura of invincibility and find out why.

Hundred days older, yet hardly any wiser

Three months into its term, most of the Orbán cabinet’s plans for Hungary’s future remain shrouded in mystery.


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