Keeping the barbarians out

Though it happens slightly less frequently than Halloween, Hungarians have their own version of trick or treat.

The Budapest mayoral election – ambitions realised and deferred

Though it is hard to tell whether on the whole this is an advantage or a handicap, it must be said that with some notable exceptions the Fidesz is nothing if not loyal to its top cadres.

A President should be seen, not heard

Though it may seem as a whimper rather than a bang, the inauguration of President Pál Schmitt marks an important step in the establishment of the new constitutional order envisioned by the ruling party, Fidesz.

Change through continuity – the government’s new Széchenyi Plan

For all those who have complained that in economic policy the Fidesz-government is all about stopgap measures and improvisation, there is now the Széchenyi Plan, a fairly elaborate strategic vision of economic policy going forward.

Launch of ‘Hungarian Politics In-Depth’

Policy Solutions will launch its new political analysis, Hungarian Politics In-Depth, in August 2010.


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