Deputy PM under attack: plagiarism is back

Another senior governing party politician is embroiled in a plagiarism scandal, and the details of the affair look very similar to the imbroglio that ultimately brought down former President Pál Schmitt.

New election procedure finally passed

The much awaited new Act on Electoral Procedures has been finally adopted, and from new rules on voter registration all the way to peculiar campaign advertisement regulations, it contains all the controversial elements that critics have lambasted for months.

LMP at the crossroads

Hungary’s green party, LMP is a young party facing weighty choices. Its policy of maintaining equal distance to MSZP and Fidesz appears untenable as pressure mounts to join a left-wing alliance to oust the Orbán government in 2014.

After 23 October, fragmented left a bit more united

Gordon Bajnai came close to declaring his candidacy for prime minister, but ultimately shrank back from a pledge to run.

Bajnai back in the game

The political parties on the left are lucky that they had no major events planned for the 23 October commemoration of the 1956 revolution, for they would have been upstaged by the pre-announced announcement of former Prime Minister Gordon Bajnai’s return to political life.

Adjusting to economic reality

To keep the budget within EU mandated limits, the government has introduced new austerity measures after admitting that its pessimistic growth projections were in fact wildly optimistic.

Voter registration has come to stay

Following the reforms of the respective laws on municipal and parliamentary elections, Fidesz has finally introduced the last piece of the electoral rules puzzle, the new bill on electoral procedure.

Fidesz’ project accountability: running on empty

Fidesz is wrapping up its efforts to uncover instances of verifiable corruption under the previous government.

The state of the left-wing alliance tango

More than the polling results of individual opposition parties, the question of whether a comprehensive left-wing alliance can be formed has emerged as the crucial issue in terms of evaluating the potential for a government change in 2014.

Axe murderer diplomacy

During the famous ping-pong diplomacy of the 1970s, the People’s Republic of China and the US exchanged visits by table tennis players to pave the way for improved relations between the two countries.


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