The end of a hot and golden summer

Talk of voter registration has intensified over the summer, and while some argue that Fidesz will ultimately balk because of unpredictable outcomes and/or the fear of judicial intervention, the introduction of some form of registration still appears likely.

Policy Solutions’ guide to a political summer in Hungary

If past summers are an indication, the next few weeks won’t be very exciting politically speaking.

Opposition at halftime

At halftime, the opposition is in much the same bad shape as Fidesz.

Democracy at halftime

Fuelled by the perception that its electoral victory was a mandate to influence the course of Hungarian politics for a long time, Fidesz has comprehensively restructured democratic institutions so as to enhance its own powers.

The unorthodox economy at halftime

Fidesz has reached the middle of its four-year term, and its goal of quickly boosting growth and adding jobs has failed spectacularly.

When the oligarchs come marching in

Ties to big business and shadowy businessmen have always been a contentious issue in post transition political discourse, but Fidesz excelled at lambasting its predecessor as the ‘banker’s government’.

Slight renovations in the Orbán machine

The Orbán government has reached the middle of its term and it marked the occasion with the first significant cabinet reshuffle since it entered office.

Consolidation watch

Consolidation is one of the buzzwords in Fidesz’ current communication.

Áder as president

No loud gasps were heard when Fidesz nominated its MEP János Áder as the candidate to succeed President Pál Schmitt.

Judicial reform under scrutiny

Through its reform of the judicial system, the government has enacted changes that may potentially significantly impact judicial independence.


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